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Spark encourages NZ to give a gift that unleashes potential this Christmas

Introducing Reuben Moffett, the 13-year-old Mt Albert Grammar student selected to front this year’s Spark Christmas campaign

This Christmas Spark is inspiring Aotearoa to give a gift that shines a light on their talent with the help of technology, by ‘giving a gift that unleashes theirs.’

Handpicked to lead this initiative in Spark’s Christmas campaign is Reuben Moffett, a student at Mt Albert Grammar School and an aspiring dancer, chosen for his remarkable talents and his heart-warming dedication to the local dance community.

Reuben, who trains for 20 hours per week across four dancing disciplines, auditioned for the role along with nearly 300 other dancers ranging in age from ten to seventeen from Kaitaia to Invercargill. As well as his incredible talent for and dedication to dance, Reuben stood out for his touching commitment to his community. Just last year, at age 12, Reuben created a dance scholarship for families struggling to pay for dance classes, raising over $2,000 in a single fundraiser concert.

New Zealanders will be introduced to Reuben this year in Spark’s 2023 Christmas commercial, where Reuben sets aside his shy disposition and comes to life in an amazing dance sequence, unleashing his gift for dance with the help of technology – the Samsung Galaxy buds he received on Christmas morning.

Reuben says, “I’ve been dancing since I was three years old, and it really has become a part of who I am. I’m so excited to be part of Spark’s Christmas campaign and encourage more kids to follow their dreams. I know I’m so lucky to have the opportunity to take regular dance classes and now to be part of this campaign with Spark, and I hope we can inspire more people to do more of what they love.”

Spark’s Director of Marketing and Data, Matt Bain, says, “We know that the right piece of technology can play a pivotal role in unleashing our potential, whether it’s a set of ear buds for an up-and-coming dancer or a tablet and e-pencil for an artist. Whatever their talent, this Christmas we wanted to encourage New Zealanders to think about what gifts their loved ones might be hiding away and how you can use this Christmas, with the help of technology, to bring those gifts to life.”

“For our Christmas campaign this year, we wanted to support someone who was taking a chance on what mattered most to them and demonstrate how technology can help them to unleash their potential. Seeing how Reuben’s passion for dance comes to life through technology is what our guiding kaupapa of ‘Hello Tomorrow’ is all about.”


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