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Flight Centre data reveals plenty of Kiwi women are choosing to Travel solo

Newly released data from Flight Centre reveals middle-aged women are feeling confident and inspired to travel alone. Solo female travellers, with a median age of 60 accounted for nearly a quarter of all of Flight Centre NZ’s bookings in 2023, second only to couples. And bookings so far this year look to be on a similar trajectory.

When looking at where solo females are travelling to, Australia is top of the list, followed by the United Kingdom and United States. Also featuring in the top ten is South Africa, Thailand and Canada.

Heidi Walker, Flight Centre NZ General Manager said it’s fantastic to see many women getting out there and exploring the world independently.

“A lot of these women may have been saving for some time, working hard and are now at a stage in their life where they can put themselves first and explore the places they’ve always dreamed of”

According to a recent independent survey Flight Centre commissioned through You Gov, women rank hidden gems as one of their most preferred travel experiences. Those surveyed also reported wanting a soul-searching, cultural and reflective journey.

“Women are more likely than men to want a holiday that involves taking in beautiful scenery. They will more often opt for a vibrant city with historical landmarks and architectural wonders. They are also more likely to opt for the open seas, jumping on board cruises with distant horizons and mesmerising sunsets.”

Perhaps more Sensibly, Walker said, women are also more likely to stick to a budget.

The research found that women are more likely to budget than males (55 percent compared to 45 percent) and more likely to seek out exclusive deals and discounts to fund their travel plans (44 percent compared to 29 percent).

Women also see the value in touring, data from The Travel Corporation (TTC) shows 67 percent of their solo travellers from NZ and Australia are female. This group of travellers have become so popular, that Insight, a tour brand of TTC is now offering women-only tours for like-minded travellers to come together.

“Touring is a fantastic option for solo travellers as you get great value for money with accommodation, transport and activities included in one package.”

To conclude, Walker said in light of International Women’s Day, it’s great to see more women feeling empowered to travel solo.

“Traveling solo often leads to personal growth and self-discovery. When women venture into the world on their own, they can gain confidence, a stronger sense of self and improved self-esteem. We hope to see even more women walk through our doors, so we can help them create incredible travel experiences.”


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