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Belle Lewis is the latest winner of the Astute New Member of the Year award – Mortgage Express

Annabelle (Belle) Lewis, a rising star in the financial advising industry, has demonstrated resilience and dedication, earning her recognition as the latest winner of the Astute New Member of the Year award. Belle’s journey from a master’s degree in international relations and diplomacy to becoming a successful mortgage adviser showcases her adaptability and commitment to making a positive impact in people’s lives.

In the face of the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, Belle strategically pivoted her career aspirations towards financial advising. Her dedication and hard work have paid off, not only with prestigious accolades but also in the meaningful relationships she builds with her clients.

Belle’s approach to her work extends beyond mere transactions; she sees herself as a guide and support system for her clients through the often stressful process of securing a mortgage. Her genuine desire to help people achieve their dreams has led to numerous success stories, such as assisting a first-time homebuyer in securing their dream home just before Christmas.

As part of the Mortgage Express team for the past two years, Belle has thrived in an environment that fosters collaboration and growth. Establishing her own business, Annabelle Financial Solutions Limited, has been a significant milestone in her career, enabling her to expand her services and pursue her vision for sustainable growth.

Looking ahead, Belle aims to further expand her business and continue making a positive impact in her clients’ lives. With her optimistic outlook and dedication to continuous learning, Belle is poised for success in the ever-evolving financial industry.

Belle’s advice to aspiring professionals in the industry emphasizes the importance of seizing opportunities and embracing the journey. She encourages individuals to seek financial assistance early and to believe in their ability to overcome challenges.

For individuals seeking mortgage and insurance solutions tailored to their needs, Mortgage Express branded advisers are ready to provide expert guidance and support.


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