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Australian dentist reviews Tyla’s tooth gems

Tooth gems have become increasingly popular and trendy in 2024.

Dr Sam Koh, Principal Dentist, Dental Boutique explains that Tyla’s teeth have had tooth gems glued onto them.

Tooth gems come in all shapes, sizes and forms including diamonds or diamantes. Tooth gems can be on one tooth or on multiple teeth. They are glued on but they can be removed at any stage. Tooth gems can be permanent or temporary.

Tyla has them placed on multiple teeth.

Dr Sam says: “You can sing, talk or eat with tooth gems. Tooth gems will not interfere with your daily life. ‘Tooth gems’ is a procedure we can complete at Dental Boutique. It’s a treatment that involves adhering crystals or rhinestones of varying sizes to the surface of your teeth. This can add an extra bling to a smile and provide added uniqueness for those who are seeking it.They can be removed at any point or stage.”