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A career fuelled by creating relationships and reaching settled sales milestones – Mortgage Express

Success in the any industry is often measured in milestones, and for Sue Clydesdale, Mortgage Adviser – Mortgage Express, reaching the $1 billion career settled sales mark is a testament to a lifetime dedicated to the art of the deal and the power of enduring personal relationships.

From the thriving community of Christchurch to the bustling halls of Grenadier Real Estate, where Sue has been a steadfast presence throughout her career, her journey is one of resilience through natural disasters, economic trials, and the changing tides of the real estate market.

Starting her finance career working alongside her brother, Andy Graham, a seasoned mortgage adviser, Sue soaked in the tenets of fiscal prudence and the importance of securing the best possible deals for clients. These early experiences laid the groundwork for a career characterised by unwavering client advocacy and financial acumen.

As a mother and now a grandmother, Sue’s life is interwoven with the dual threads of family and career. The transition from finance into mortgage advising wasn’t just a shift in profession; it was a strategic pivot aligning her professional development with the personal milestones of raising children and supporting a growing family.

The seismic changes of Christchurch, including the daunting earthquakes and the poignant mosque attacks, have been pivotal moments not just in the city’s history but in Sue’s personal narrative. Her choice to remain a steadfast professional in the heart of Christchurch speaks volumes about her loyalty to community and her ability to navigate and lead through moments of crisis.

For Sue, each referral is a testament to the trust she has painstakingly cultivated over time. Her

approach to business has been to ‘get in front of people’, to understand their needs on a personal level, and to be there when needed, even if it meant countless sales meetings and auctions. Each ‘no’ defied is a step closer to fostering the enduring relationships that underpin her success.

In the world of numbers and deals, it’s easy to overlook the human element that is Sue’s secret ingredient. Behind each of her settled sales of a billion dollars are myriad stories of hope, perseverance, and sometimes, defying the odds. One such story recounts Sue’s dedication to helping a man with seven children secure a mortgage and a home, against numerous bank declines. This is a tale of surpassing the professional to create lasting human impact.

In a career as demanding as financial advising, Sue’s advice to young financial advisers is both practical and aspirational. She advocates for the importance of patience in a field often characterised by the need for ‘instant results’. Moreover, she implores new entrants to seize the many opportunities provided by programmes like KiwiSaver, a tool empowering the younger generation to realise their homeownership dreams.

Sue’s honesty about the challenges she faces, particularly her tendency to take on too much, is a refreshing perspective on professional success. Her ability to recognise and articulate this challenge is an essential step towards sustainable success and a healthy work-life balance. It’s a lesson in self-care that all ambitious professionals should heed.

The path to a billion-dollar career is never a solitary one. For Sue, the recognition that

her success is built on the support and advocacy of colleagues such as Marion Moloney is a humbling and yet empowering realisation. It reinforces the notion that success is a collective effort, and that sharing that success only makes it more substantial.

What’s next for Sue is a question that lingers, but one thing is certain: retirement isn’t in her

immediate future. Balancing the traditional values that have led to her current milestone with the need for innovation in a dynamic market will be her new frontier.

Sue’s story serves as a blueprint for achieving and sustaining success in an industry that’s not for the faint-hearted.

In conclusion, Sue monumental achievement in the grip of a billion-dollar career is more than a financial milestone; it’s a testimonial to the enduring power of relationships, the importance of community, and the relentless pursuit of service excellence. Her journey offers invaluable insights for financial advisers looking to make their mark.

Through her story, we’re reminded that in the face of upheaval and uncertainty, it’s not just about what you do, but how you do it. It’s about the pursuit of meaning and creating a legacy that

transcends the numbers. For Sue, reaching $1 billion in career settled sales is just the beginning – a marker of what she’s accomplished and what’s yet to come.

Sue Clydesdale gives financial advice through Sue Clydesdale Mortgages Limited trading as Mortgage Express.


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